About Steve Goff Cycles & Frames

Steve Goff Cycles and Frames specialises in the manufacture of custom built cycle frames and complete bicycles for every aspect of cycles sport, whether for leisure or competitive purposes

All frames are personally built by Steve Goff, former first category and top 12 BBAR rider, with 25 years experience in touring, track, road and time trials. Steve also has continental racing experience in France Belgium and Germany.
He also has involved in the cycle industry for 30 years as a mechanic, wheel builder and frame builder and has extensive knowledge of all aspects of cycle manufacture and sport.

Many top riders choose to race on a Steve Goff frame. Frames can be seen at time trials, Road and track events across the country every week-end. Touring frames have been used extensively abroad. Steve Goff's frames have also been exported to USA, Canada, New-Zealand and France.

Steve Goff Frames Columbus Cycling team

RAF racing team

All frame sizes are available from 16" to 28".
Steve has experience of building frames at both ends of this range and can accommodate your personal requirements.
If you require advice about your frame dimensions then you may telephone, write, e-mail or visit the premises. You may bring your existing bicycle or use the cycle positioning jig to enable Steve to assess your riding position.
The frame will be designed to suit your specific application. Racing frames are built with minimum clearances to improve rigidity and responsiveness, and minimize the weight.